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Shayne (Bulldog) Burgess

Name: Shayne Burgess
Date of Birth: 1st June 1964
Place of Birth: Hastings
Now Lives: Hastings
Nickname: Bulldog
Height: 5' 8"
Type of Dart Used: 19gms Elven

1998 PDC World Championship - Quarter Finalist. Boston Witch City Open Mens Singles - Winner. Boston Witch City Open Pro Singles - Winner. (Shayne was the first player ever to win all three Boston Open Singles in one weekend). American Invitation Cricket Darts - Winner. PDC World Grand Prix - Semi Finalist. Belgium Masters - Quarter Finalist. Yorkshire Classic Open - Winner.
1999 PDC Skol World Championships - Semi Finalist. Montreal Open - Finalist. PDC World Matchplay - Quarter Finalist. PDC World Grand Prix - Finalist , Omagh Invitational Charity Tournament - Winner
2000. German Open 2000 - Winner, PDC Skol World Championship - Quarter-Fnalist, Irish Masters - Finalist, Isle of Man Open - finalist, PDC World Grand Prix - Finalist.

One of the true new "characters" to have emerged in recent years. "Bulldog's" tales of curious and unique culinary tastes are legendary, as is his prowess at the game. Had an impressive run in 2000 which took him to the final of the World Grand Prix. That achievement was both a blessing and a curse for the Bulldog, who caught Phil Taylor on a bad day and instead of sweeping the then eight times world champion aside, lost his cool and with it the chance of a world title. Since then Burgess has struggled with his darts and suffered heartbreaking exits in the first round of the World Champs and 2001 World Matchplay. Returned to form in time for the 2002 Skol World Championships, although came up against Phil Taylor in record breaking form in the second round. No one in the world could have beaten the Power that day (averaging 111!) and Shayne did himself great credit to play his own game despite the mauling. In 2003 Shayne worked his way to the final of the UK Open, again catching Taylor in unbeatable form, and coming runner-up. All thoughts of the Hastings ace giving up the game are now long forgotten, and having regained his form and unique style, Shayne is looking forward to a successful and prosperous year in 2006, under new sponsorship from

Hobbies/Interests: Shooting and fishing
Sporting Hero: Jocky Wilson, Tiger Woods

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